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HP400V2 12-channel headphone amplifier brings you quality audio sound


4 sets independent amplify, avoid interaction and mixing

HP400V2 adopts 4 sets independent amplifier circuit to amplify input signal independently.

It rejects interaction and mixing, ensuring pure sound quality to each channel.4 sets independent high performance chip offer balanced mixing stereo audio quality.


High quality performance chip to create pure and natural audio quality

It adopts TRS performance chip to amplify signal in detail.

It offers pure, natural and full audio signal also ensuring the same signal in each channel with less distortion and low noise.


Rack shell design shows outstanding processing

HP400V2 uses high quality steel panel with antioxidation spray processing which shields audio interaction from outside.

Its better diffusion ensures machine stable performance and pure sound quality.


High quality panel sturdy and stable

HP400V2 adopts alum alloy which is lightweight and sturdy. It has standard holes to make a exquisite looking.

Its compact knobs and connecting holes create a fine and exquisite HP400V2.


7-level signal LED indicator to handle real-time output level

7-level input LED indicator and output LED indicator

Handle audio signal level at anytime to avoid signal clip.


STEREO/MONO and L/R mute control

Each channel has L/R MUTE, STEREO/MONO, BASS, TREBLE, BALANCE and OUTPUT LEVEL connector to satisfy various monitor requirements.


Circle power transformer with powerful power and low noise

HP400V2 uses circle power transformer to offer power with low noise interaction and powerful power input.

It ensures circuit and chip performance in a stable environment and also provides qualified audio signal.


Output connector: 4*XLR and 1/4’’ stereo headphone output connector

Aux connector: 4*XLR and 1/4’’ stereo headphone output connector

Input impedance: 5kΩ

Output impedance: 40kΩ balanced input and 30kΩ unbalance input

Frequency response: 20hz-20khz

Noise range: 22hz-22khz>90dB@0dBu

Dynamic range: 22hz-22khz≤110dB

Distortion: 0.006%@+4dBu, 1khz, gain 1

Max output power: +24dBu(loading 100Ω)

                 +21dBu(loading 8Ω)

Min loading impedance: 8Ω

Min input level: 16dBu

Max output level: 22dBu

Input level LED: 7-level LED indicator -30/-24/-18/-12/-6/0dB/clip

Output level LED: 7-level LED indicator -30/-24/-18/-12/-6/0dB/clip

Power: 100-120V AC,200-240V AC, 50-60HZ

Net weight: 3766g

Size: 482mm*44mm*205mm

Application figure

HP 400V2 together with rack

HP400V2 connect with HP280 headphone