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New product|DI2600N signal editor

Newproduct|DI2600N signal editor

Duringhigh quality music recording, you need to change hi-Z to mid-Z to low-Z, butthe normal DI box cannot reach the specific level. Alctron DI2600N combinesprofessional electronic circuit with audio transformer changing balance signalto unbalance hi-Z signal. Through guitar effecter or amplifier, then edits andrecord the signal which came from DI2600n. It makes the music more elegant.

Have youeven pay attention to the DI2600N panel? Various buttons and knobs satisfy yourrequirements.

This is GROUND-      LIFT switch used to eliminatenoise from input and output connector and make

 theoutput sound more pure and natural.

This isFILTER switch used pass low frequency signal. Combines with GROUND-LIFT switchto change the sound and transform hi-Z to mid-Z to low-Z.

Function instruction

1.      INPUT: input connector toconnect hi-z devices.

2.      INVERT PHASE: dial to the PHASEit indicates that the input and output phase is th    e same; dial to the INVERT itindicates that the input and output phase is opposite.

3.      FILTER: adjust the outputsignal’s high/low level.

4.      LEVEL: adjust the outputconnector’s level.

5.      MUTE: dial to the ON position,there is no signal on output connector.

6.      GROUND LIFT: disconnect inputground output to stop hum and buzz.

7.      INPUT: input connector, connectto the hi-Z instrument.

8.      OUTPUT: output connector,connect to low-z devices.



Audio circuit type: passive, transformerisolated

Frequency response: 20hz-20khz

Common mode rejection ratio: -55dB@55hz

Dynamic range: 140dB

Max input: +26dBu

Input impedance: 900ohms

Output impedance: 1500ohms

Size: 146mm x 90mm x 40mm